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Construction defects

Purchase and Sale disputes


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Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Hastings & Ron represent real estate developers, investors, lenders, builders, contractors, homeowners and other
clients. After ensuring that our clients are protected with contracts that protect their properties and legal interests
we work to maintain their legal protections as property owners and to support their intended business purposes.

When disputes do arise, our law firm provides support in real estate litigation. We are highly experienced in matters
pertaining to:

Adverse possession
Boundary and easement disputes
Breach of contract
Broker malpractice
Construction defects
Failure to disclose
Foreclosure disputes
Option agreements
Purchase and sale disputes
Real estate fraud
Rescission and restitution claims
Subdivision issues
Title disputes
Title insurance and escrow issues
Unlawful detainer actions
Other real estate matters

Contact Hastings & Ron for any real estate legal issues or preliminary planning concerns.

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